MultiMedia and Innovative Website Desigers use our 3D Laser Scanners to assist their clients to showcase their products virtually !
3D Laser scanner, truly propelled Proto3000 in the world of multimedia, thanks to unique capabilities and the hyperrealistic results it generates.
•3D scanning of still face/body for realistic human representation
•Movie animators want to scan famous actors facial features to produce life like animation characters
•3D scanning for special effects or face replacement (stunts)
•Digitizing of real life inanimate objects/environments for optimum realism
•Digitizing of small scale model sets for production of full size decors
E-Marketing/Web Development
•3D scanning of objects for interactive 3D content:
•Product animation
•Visualization in 3D for online sales
•Production of 3D models for web design
3D Documentation
•Color/non color 3D scanning for the creation of 3D working instructions (3D Via Composer):
Serious/Industrial Games
•Color/non color 3D scanning for development of interactive immersive training applications:
•Actual machines