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They say you can never really keep up with technology. Sometimes it seems that as soon as a new product is out, its old news, and a newer one is right behind it. The only way to combat this theory is to stay informed! Welcome to 3D Laser Scanners Canada news section. Here you will be able to find out the latest news in the world of 3D Engineering. Whether it be software enhancements in 3D CAD software, or new and improved metrology hardware, you can be sure well bring you that information faster then you can say 3D.


In this industry it is important to stay up to date. Visit here fequently just to see how 3D Laser Scanning technology is being applied in your industry. Who knows, maybe one day you can make our news section, with an interesting application you have discovered for 3D Laser Scanning. The news section will not only bring you information from the North American 3D World, but rather from all around the world. So if you compete locally, or on a global scale, and what to forever improve your produc development cycles, be sure to keep informed about 3D Laser Scanning technology.



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